Luminarium: A Culture of Lights

October 3, 2021

I shoot what I feel. I don’t put much emphasis on a specific aesthetic, although there are commonalities throughout my work. There’s a linear way in how I view my work perhaps from my Industrial Design background, which keeps me grounded in traditional principles. But there’s also intentional chaos. I’m obsessed with pinhole photos, double and triple exposures, black and white with colored or filter overlays. The unexpected nature of traditional film processing had a direct influence on my work, and I’ve come to seek the same spontaneity in my subject.

I believe we are put on this Earth to understand and continuously reinvent ourselves. I would love to go back in time to shoot the same scene as a 15 year old and revisit that scene today.  I know that my evolution would be clearly portrayed in both photographs, as the introspective nature of art would undoubtedly yield a different result. More importantly, what would I learn and see in comparing them, and how can that be applied to the way I live today?

They always say that you begin at the end. This is where my end begins. It's never linear behind the lens.

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Luminarium: A Culture of Lights


Untitled: 2020
Temple: 2019
Once Tribal Seats: 2019
Irma: 2017
WTHNot: 2019
Candy Palms: 2018
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