Luminarium: A Culture of Lights

October 3, 2021

I have always sought art to help me understand this world better. Through drawing and painting, I could always defer the dark realities of experienced abuse, discrimination and single-motherhood and enter a realm of peace and balance.

The rich patterns and colors in my work come from explorations of my obscured African heritage — the more I learn, the more arresting and deeply pigmented the colors I use are. I employ a variety of mediums to create paintings, photographs and graffiti art. Through my art, I aspire to uncover the beauty of people of color, the value of our hardships and the bright future that lies ahead if we dare to dream.

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Yuzly Mathurin

Luminarium: A Culture of Lights


All that jazz: Mixed media on canvas, 2020
Mr Baldwin: Oil on canvas, 2020
Protect our daughters: Oil on canvas, 2020
City of dreams: Oil on canvas, 2019
Une femme s'eveillant a la tete: Oil on canvas, 2019
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