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The LA Art Box

The LA Art Box is a hybrid concept. Part art gallery and part experiential environment, The LAAB is an urban space that allows people to escape to learn and meaningfully connect to a story.

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Stories that find you

Do you remember a time growing up when you were so curious about something real or imaginary - a place, an object, a person - that you asked anyone and everyone to tell you a story about it? There are no limitations to the imagination at The LA Art Box.

Luminarium: A Culture of Lights

Event — Oct 3, 2021


Parangal Dance Company

Partner — Profile


Isidro Ancheta

Partner — Profile


Future studies program

Partner — Profile

FutureStudies Poster0

Catwalk to Freedom

Partner — Profile


Art of giving

... a f*ck. Because we care, we donate a portion of our profits to communities and organizations that are important to us and our Artists.

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