Thrillist Feature - Belonging: A Filipino Arts & Culture Experience at The LA Art Box
The LAAB Patio

Opening Friday, May 20, through Sunday, June 26
LAAB/West Hollywood

]The Filipino art and culture community is strong and diverse, covering every discipline and representing so many unique experiences both in the US and in the Philippines. The West Hollywood cultural space The LA Art Box—The LAAB for short—has partnered with San Francisco-based Parangal Dance Company, an organization focused on the preservation of Philippine culture through dance and education, to put on a new show called “Belonging.” The show will feature photographs of Parangal members performing traditional dances from the six indigenous peoples of the Philippines, and it will also highlight eight contemporary Filipino-American artists from many disciplines. There will be exhibits of music, film production, fashion, food, and more, to build a whole multisensory experience, a celebration of Philippine culture past, present, and future.

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