A NSFW business wasn't exactly what Mar expected when Bernie pitched a concept that put women entertainers front and center. Luckily, she had another that she was more sensitive to because it hit close to home.

Picture this: Palm Springs SIP, a few friends, Gen Z kids, Frenchies, TikTok, movies, and conversation. Fast forward a year: some learnings, a curated team, and here we are.

The LA Art Box. The LAAB.

Mar and Bernie:  The LAAB Founders

Mar is all about making connections with people, personally & professionally - what better fit for The LAAB? Among friends, he’s funny, quick-witted, sharp-tongued; he retells stories in a way that has someone inadvertently snorting or farting. Among strangers, he’s pensive, observant, mysterious - they are left asking themselves: Who is that bald wonder?

They say the most memorable stories are simple and to the point. Bernie wanted to do something different: to be creative, highlight cultures & issues, and give back. So, she left her corporate life and convinced her lifelong friend to join the ride ... and the rest is history.

Bernie’s new story has a purpose. Passion. The LAAB.

The LAAB Core Team

We have pride in our space


We create exhibits and promote initiatives that are powered by a purpose beyond profits.

We share art and events that connect to the issues that matter in our communities.

Our space is for everyone. No matter your age, race, and culture. The LAAB is for you.

The LAAB welcomes Artists and Guests from diverse cultures, experiences, and beliefs.

We are more than glitz, glam & Instagram. Every visit to The LAAB is one to remember.


Made possible by many

We partner with organizations, companies and collaborate with Artists continually. We want to hear your story. If you are interested in partnerships and collaboration, we’d love to talk to you.

For more information or questions reach out


The LAAB was made possible thanks to our KickStarter family:

Abby Arcilla      Abneris. Gonzalez      Abyan      Allyson Chou      Anabelle Castro      Angela George      Angelica Chavez      Anna      Antoinette Molina      Augustine McGannon      Babette S Gil      Bambie Javier      BJ Bernardo      Bradley Miller      Brooke Schonger      Bryan Campbell      Bruni Agosto      Cappi Taylor      Cassandra Felix      Cathy Gobel      Catie Neel      Cecilio Buisan      Chelsea Colely      Cheryl Tulabing      Chris Courtemanche      Christine "Biggs" Romero      Cira Franco      Cj Walsh      Cleo Lee      Claudia Koziner      Clifford Buisan      Cora Tan      Cori Graves      Dan Sanchez      Daniel Webb      Daniela Oviedo      Dante & Jodi Ravelo      Daphna Nagel      Dina Mastrangelo      Dio-Ann Valmores      Donna Yarcia      Drew Krake      Eileen Vales      Eli Buisan      Elizabeth Segalini      Emelita Hernandez-Bravo      Emily Caisip      Emy Bangco Vales      Emily Caisip      Ereene Belamide      
Eric Hilario      Eric Faamausili      Eric Mayo      Eric Solano      Estela Virgen      Francisco Sorto      Gabriela McAdams      Genesis Otero      Gina Duarte      Helen      Herna Cruz-Louie      Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin      Jacqueline Vincent      Jake Lawton      James Cartwright      Jaime      Jamie Holycross      Janay Cheek      Jane Pardilla      Janette Pimentel      Jeanette Tagle      Jeimil Belamide      Jeni Osbourne      Jennifer Rondinelli      Joanne Borgerding      Jodie Brand Byrd      Joe Corry      Jon Kervin      Joelle Ordonez      John Miyasato      John Stapleton      John Tulabing      Jose Mendoza      Josephine Ingoglia      Joshua Ribadeo      Juan Sabino      Julius Claros      June Arellano      Jung Kendall      Kaitlyn Palladino      Karla Wilson      Katherine Dela Cruz      Kathleen      Kimberly Mendoza      Kimboohi      Kirk Blouin      Kristine Merchan      Laura Mccourt      Lauren C      Leslie Faamausili      
Leslie Neel      Lisa Poore      Louise Zizzo      Luigi Morra      Lurie Dimalanta      Lusi Smith      Lydia Sanders      Mackenzi      Maile Mercado      Maiko Michelle      Major Julian      Manuel Espinoza      Marc Blum      Marie Guiab Harvey      Maria Sepulveda      Mariflor Medrano      Maricela Ortiz      Marissa Macayan      Mary Adekoya      Mary Larson      May Mallari      May Vallero      Melanie Jai      Melina Guillen      Melissa Gibson      Michele Cook      Michele Rack      Miki Moctezuma      Minna Lopez      Monique Boyer      Nancy Lawton      Nenita Rabang      Nathaniel Buisan      Nichole Rivera      Nicole Nave      Noel Vales      Paul Keenum      Paulmer James      Perry & Puring Dumlao      Phol Degalicia      Rachel Ervin      Randi Lowe      Rebecca Murphy      Regan Rabanal      Renee Allison-Riley      Renee San Jose      Ritchel Gazo      Roin Spicer      Rosamary Tellaheche      Rosanna Cheng Lin      
Rusty Bernardo      Sam Lawton      Sara Barnard      Sevim Bozan      Shauna Pierce      Sheila Yabut      Sonnier      Stacy Maki      Sugandha Bahl      Sumita Green      Susan Bernardo      Susie Hilario      Suzanne Chu      Sydney Bernardo      The Creative Fund by Backer Kit      Theresa Bernardo      Tiffany      Todd Adrian      Toni Jaramilla      Veronica Morato      Vincent Ian Zabala      Winifred Yam      
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